Amy Winehouse Foundation Joins Sylvia Young Theatre School To Offer Full Scholarship

The Amy Winehouse Foundation is offering one full scholarship for the Sylvia Young Theatre School – one of the UK’s best known theatre schools – to commence from September 2012 until the successful applicant reaches official school-leaving age.

As is well known, Amy was a student at the London-based school in the mid-1990s, and it was her connection with the school that started her off on the road to success.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation has been set up in part to help those who are financially disadvantaged. This scholarship would therefore enable such a person the chance to join this prestigious school.

Applicants will be grouped according to age, with auditions being split into three vocational subjects as part of a Workshop Session. These subjects are Drama, Singing and Dance.

Applicants will need to complete an online registration form, with a registered payment of £5 per applicant – to cover administration costs for the school – required during the registration process.

The first round of auditions will take place on Saturday April 21 and Sunday April 22, with a Recall audition, should the applicant be selected to attend, occurring on Sunday April 29.

A Final audition, for those lucky few to get this far, will be held on Wednesday May 2.

Auditions are being held for the following year groups, and the applicants must be born within these dates:

Year 7 in September 2012, 01/09/2000 – 31/08/2001

Year 8 in September 2012, 01/09/1999 – 31/08/2000

The closing date for applications is Thursday April 12. The scholarship awards do not cover the following: boarding fees and travel fares. These must be met by the parent/guardian, although external exams and a uniform allowance will be provided by the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

As part of the ‘Means testing’ process, applicants will need to submit a letter explaining their financial status, and why this would be an opportunity that they would otherwise not be able to afford. This will take place during the audition process, with applicants also required to take a full academic test.

Registration can be completed here:



17 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse Foundation Joins Sylvia Young Theatre School To Offer Full Scholarship

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  2. My son is only in year four but really wants to go sylvia young when he finishes primary school. He is naturally talented and would love for him to have a chance of making something with his talent. I really hope this is still available when he is moving into year seven.

  3. I mean…. This is to stunded. My daughter is able to fulfill her dreams thanks to a scholarship from SYTS. How dare you are judging Amy? First of all she is and will always be a great role model for my daughter. Thanks to her children are able to realize which paths to follow in life and she has let a great legacy which her family are using to do great things for people like me.
    Mr Winehouse KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! I am very proud of you and your family that despite what happened and your pain you still have time to help others. I will always support you. Amy may your lovely soul RIP….. Single mum trying the best for her daughter….

  4. @stunded, regardless of what she did or what she used she left a really great legacy her ‘MUSIC’. Her family giving the opportunity to some one to fulfil their dream to attend a stage school in her name does not mean they are portraying her as a hero. Do you really think her sad death would encourage children to take drugs??? I would say it would act as a strong deterrent and as a warning that no matter who you are what you achieve Drugs are bad and DO kill. Thank you Amy Winehouse Foundation for giving children like my son the opportunity to try for Sylvia Young School.

  5. My daughter is heartbroken as her birthday is the 21/09/2001, so she misses it by a few weeks, this would of been an amazing opportunity, she has been to an experience day at sylvia young and loved every second it but we could not fund her to go full time 🙁

  6. wow what an amazing opportunity for the lucky person and what a wonderful way to remember Amy……….My daughter is so, so, disappointed, not to get the opportunity as she was born in 1998 and there is no way we could offer her such a golden start to her dreams. When we heard about the scholarship she thought there was hope, opportunity outside of our reach and she began to dream, now she is despondent. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, so keep up this outstanding way to honour the memory of Amy.

  7. This is amazing, my son was not allocated a secondary school today, the only Kid in his class not to be allocated, he was so down but seeing this has lifted his spirits. So he is going to hopefully be iinvited along to audition for this.. Good luck to each and every one that goes for this

    • Fantastic audition day, my son had lots of fun attending the audition yesterday and was elated, over the moon, estatic, to get invited back for the 2nd round, I cant thank Amy Winehouse Foundation enough THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU XXXXX 😀 XXXXX and an extra BIG THANK YOU to Mr Mitch Winehouse for this oportunity…… You are Amazing!!!!!!

  8. what a wonderful opportunity you will be giving to a very well deserved youngster. if only there were more people in this world like you . Amy would be truly proud of the insperational work you are doing. Well done and wish you every success in helping others. xx

  9. I’m too old to go :'( I’m in year 9, born in august 🙁 Not fair!! I’d absolutely love to go that school, it’d be a dream but its way to expensive 🙁

  10. Oh no, why am I so unlucky! I’m 13, turning 14 on the 22nd of April…missed it! 🙁 I’m in Year 9! Frikkin sucks, I’m so disappointed! It’s my dream to go here, but it’s way too expensive! Excuse me while I go cry my heart out.

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