Resilience Programme For Schools

The Amy Winehouse Foundation works to prevent the effects of drug and alcohol misuse on young people. As part of this mission, it gives support and funding to many charitable projects engaging young people in drug and alcohol related programmes.

The Foundation has formed a special partnership with Addaction to deliver targeted drug and alcohol education in schools.

Why is the Foundation doing this?

In its 2010 Drugs Strategy, the government stated that high quality drug and alcohol education is essential if young people are to make positive and informed choices about drugs and alcohol.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation agrees, and over the past year we have visited treatment centres throughout the UK, speaking to many of the people helped by these services.

Few had received any meaningful drug education while at school, nor had they been given any understanding of the underlying issues and behaviours that led to their substance misuse.

Upon further investigation, we found that no other organisation was delivering a country-wide awareness programme in secondary schools and – in the areas that were providing a local programme – it did not include teacher training, parent engagement or on-going student support.

All of this has inspired the Foundation to create a drug and alcohol awareness programme that works with people in recovery, who understand what lies behind drug and alcohol problems, and which provides comprehensive training and education for pupils, parents, teachers and more.

The programme provides:

  • Parents’ evenings to inform parents about the underlying reasons for substance misuse, the range of substances currently in circulation, and to encourage them to have better communication with their children.
  • Sessions that incorporate real-life stories and ‘share sessions’ that provide a catalyst for further discussion around drugs and alcohol, as well as other issues (such as depression and self harm).
  • Groups that build resilience in students, covering issues such as self-esteem, peer pressure and risky behaviour.
  • Signposting to local treatment services.
    By working together with Addaction and Childline we will empower the next generation to have the skills they need to make positive life choices.

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