Press Coverage For ‘My Daughter Amy’

TELEGRAPH MAGAZINE SUNDAY EXPRESS FT 3 FT 4 FT 2 FT  1 G2 5 G2 4 G2 3 G2 2 G2 1 Hello Mag- Janis5 Hello Mag- Janis4 Hello Mag- Janis3 Hello Mag- Janis2 Hello Mag- Janis1 AWGrazia3 AWGrazia2 AWGrazia1 WOMAN MAGAZINE 2 WOMAN MAGAZINE 1 RADIO TIMES 3 RADIO TIMES 2 RADIO TIMES 1 SUNDAY TIMES EVENING STANDARD GUARDIAN 3 GUARDIAN 2 GUARDIAN 1 METRO 60 SECSBelow are press clippings following the release of Mitch’s book, ‘My Daughter Amy’.



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