Lioness: Hidden Treasures

Today it’s been announced that on the 5th December, “Lioness: Hidden Treasures”, the third album from Amy Winehouse, without question one of the most talented, original, and best loved artists to emerge in popular music for decades, will be released through Island Records.

Following her tragic passing in July, some of the producers and musicians who worked closely with Amy Winehouse, among them Mark Ronson and Salaam Remi, spent time listening over the many recordings that Amy had made, before, during, and after the release of “Frank” and “Back To Black”. It was said by all who worked with Amy that she never sang or played a song the same way twice. It quickly became apparent to Salaam and Mark that they had a collection of songs that deserved to be heard, a collection of songs that were a fitting testament to Amy the artist and, as importantly, Amy their friend.

The 12 track collection features previously unreleased tracks, alternate versions of existing classics as well as a couple of brand new Amy compositions, and has been compiled by long-time musical partners Salaam Remi and Mark Ronson in close association with Amy’s family, management and record label Island Records. “Lioness : Hidden Treasures” proves a fitting tribute to the artist, the talent and the woman and serves as a reminder of Amy’s extraordinary powers as a songwriter, a singer and an interpreter of classics.

The full tracklisting is as follows:

  • “Our Day Will Come (Reggae Version)” – reggae re-working of classic 60’s doo wop song produced by Salaam Remi. Recorded May 2002.
  • “Between The Cheats” – new Amy composition recorded in London in May 2008 for potential inclusion on album three produced by Salaam Remi.
  • “Tears Dry” – originally written by Amy as a ballad, this is the original version she recorded in November 2005 in Miami with Salaam. The later uptempo version appears on “Back To Black”.
  • “Wake Up Alone” – the first song recorded for the “Back To Black” sessions. This is the one-take demo recorded in March 2006 by Paul O’Duffy.
  • “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” – Amy’s beautiful reading of the Carole King written Shirelles classic. Produced by Mark Ronson and featuring the Dap Kings with string arrangements by Chris Elliott who did all the strings for Mark’s tracks on “Back To Black”. Recorded in September 2004.
  • “Valerie” – one of Amy’s jukebox favourites. This is the original slower tempo version of the Mark Ronson produced post “Back To Black” single. Recorded in December 2006.
  • “Like Smoke” featuring NAS – Amy and Nas became really good friends after Amy name checked the New York rapper on “Back To Black’s” “Me & Mr Jones”. “Like Smoke” is finally Amy doing a song with one of her favourite artists. Produced by Salaam Remi. Recorded in May 2008.
  • “The Girl From Ipanema” – the first song the 18 year old Amy sang when she first went to Miami to record with Salaam. Salaam remarked that “the way she re-interpreted this bossa nova classic made me realise that I was dealing with a very special talent. Her approach to the song was so young and fresh, it really inspired the rest of our sessions.” Recorded in May 2002.
  • “Halftime” – Amy had talked to Ahmir ‘Questlove’ Thompson of the Roots about working together. “Halftime” is a song that Amy and Salaam had worked on since the Frank sessions. The result is beautiful. Recorded in August 2002.
  • “Best Friends” – “Frank” era live set opener produced by Salaam Remi. Probably the first song that early Amy fans would have heard live. Recorded in February 2003.
  • “Body & Soul” with Tony Bennett – cover of 30’s jazz standard with hero Tony Bennett. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios London in March 2011 and produced by Phil Ramone. Amy’s final studio recording.
  • “A Song For You” – heartbreaking and emotional version of the Leon Russell classic made famous by Donny Hathaway. Hathaway was Amy’s all-time favourite artist and the song was recorded in one take, just Amy and her guitar, at her home in London during the spring of 2009 as she battled her demons. Produced by Salaam Remi.



48 thoughts on “Lioness: Hidden Treasures

  1. Hi Stephanie.

    My name is Madi. I just saw your comment. If you want to talk, I am more than happy to listen & help in any way I can.

    I have survived addiction, and completely understand what you’re doing through.

    If you want me to call you, I am more than happy to do so.

    You’re not alone babe. I am here if you need me.

    Madi xxxx

  2. Such a troubled soul that knew how to turn it into some of the greates songs. May she be at peace now.

  3. Words cannot express my hurt for the family, but she had the tiger’s eye, no doubt to me. We all miss her and always will, but her memory, in my heart, lives on and on.

  4. I bought six or seven of this album and I gave it to all my best friends… I’m so sad that I could never listen to one of her concerts.. I had just known her (I’m not so young), not even a year and then she’s gone… Then it’s been that I started to know her fully. I sometimes pray for her and think that the first person I’ll see when I’ll go to heaven (If I will) will be her. And if I won’t be allowed to go there, may god in his benevolence will permit me to hear sometimes (in a saturday or sunday) her mermaid voice… so it will be like to be in heaven anyway.


  6. Rest in Peace Amy We feel like we have lost a friend /Sister who was so rare and precious…

  7. On November 7th 2011 i almost died to alcohol poisoning.I am 21. I stopped breathing, simply. I was lucky to be around my loved ones who took care of me.If it wasn’t for them i wouldn’t be here right now. It hurts to know that Amy lost her life the way i almost did. But no one could have changed her she is the one who could have and only her.I most certainly know about how that feels.Until you almost die,really you would understand how that feels.Amy and i do share a lot of the same emotions but more importantly she is my role model in music i literally learn from every song she has released. No one makes that strong of music and emotions in her music as amy used to make. She was a real music lover. Few singers/songwriters are like that now-a-days. This explains why Amy and i love 50’s there is just so much more to learn from. Creating music always helps me.Mira.

  8. Very few people changed the world, Amy did with his voice, his music, his style … Even in the irony of the end of his life, she left us something to think about …

    God bless you Amy…

  9. Fantastic album…playing it a lot and really enjoying. The addiction took over but she never lost that amazing voice. Thanks for producing this album and big congratulations on the grammy and reaching the UK no 1 album chart.

  10. Understanding addiction is hard for anyone to understand..more so than the addict suffering; who lives in pain everyday and longs to be better. So many are ready to blame the addict or family which leaves neither supported by our crap system, only to be judged by our own society. To support the younger generation now is the most important move for our communities in every city, town, village to get to understanding the grip of the true power of addiction, but also to help the lost children of all our decades, who also need YOU!..right now!!!..

  11. i will never ever meet you in person anymore breaks my heart. i am from the philippines and i loved your music. i will get a copy of your new album as soon as it is released here. will help promote your foundation, god rest you. congratulations for your 2012 grammy nomination you rocked in 2007 baby!

  12. Amy que voz!!!!!

    se me pone la piel de gallina y se me caen unas lagrimas cada vez que te ecucho..

    Mi querida Amy espero que estes en paz

    Te recordaré por siempre! 🙂

  13. Are you all crazy? Yes, there was talent but she was a complete mess personally! Interesting that we will take a person’s gift but overlook what is going on inside of them. Amy was sadly very disturbed and lived a life that reflected that.

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  15. I love her songs, her conduct. She was a very not normal woman (mad) and I love her . Her songs have brought her character, and they are just that and liked this . It was evident that she sings from the heart. It is a pity her not, but I have it in my heart when I hear her songs, my heart sings with her.

    I love you very much Amy (

  16. she for me was the most unusual singer , and her voice is very nice, and her songs are always with me, I’m really looking forward to it this album

    I miss you

  17. such a shame amys gone i listen to her music everyday and i will DEFINATLEY be buying the new album.. she inspired me to b different.. rip amy love you still xx

  18. In 13 days from today, on the 2nd of December, it will be “3” years since I had a drink!! I was given hours to live, I was having seizures, dying in my husbands arms! I felt your pain Amy, I wish you could have made it through. I always felt I had so much in common with Amy, I could see her life unfold, helpless like her mum & dad to do anything! I always believed that if I could meet her and spend time with her, I could have helped her, if only! I am so sorry for your loss. Your daughter was the most beautiful, talented, genius of my lifetime and I think about her daily. I’m “37” now and please God I will find the strength to fulfill my dream of studying to be an Addictions Counsellor/Psychologist. Anyway I can help, please don’t hesitate to ask. There’s nothing I dont know about what our beautiful Amy endured!! RIP Amy. Love you so much. Your work is amazing Mitch, good for you doing something so positive in light of your grief, Amy will be Proud! Lorna Mason

  19. My Beautiful Amy :'( My Soul is gone with you ♥ You were so Brillant Person, with great Soul. RIP gorgeous Mermaid ♥ See you soon

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