Watch Amy In The Studio With Tony Bennett

Amy’s final recording, a duet with her hero Tony Bennett titled “Body and Soul”, was released by Columbia Records on Wednesday 14th September 2011, on what would have been Amy’s 28th birthday, in aid of the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The song was recorded in March of 2011 at Abbey Road Studios in London for Tony Bennett’s Duets II album. You can watch clips of the video of Amy and Tony singing ‘Body & Soul’ along with an interview of Amy below…



175 thoughts on “Watch Amy In The Studio With Tony Bennett

  1. Oh Amy…dovresti vedere quanto sei bella…quanti siamo in tutto il MONDO ad amarti…pensarti giorno dopo giorno…ascoltare la tua voce, e proprio come speravi te, a dimenticare i nostri problemi per cinque minuti…hai lasciato un vuoto..che solo le tue canzoni riescono a comunque dentro i nostri cuori sarai sempre viva, sempre la persona fantastica che eri..sorridente, ironica, bellissima, dolce, testarda ed irrequieta..Amy…un’artista ineguagliabile, una ragazza che ci ha regalato emozioni uniche…sei e sarai sempre la bambina del tuo papà, la persona fantastica per tutti quelli che hanno avuto la fortuna di poterti conoscere..e la regina del soul per tutti noi fan…ti amiamo, Amy, per sempre..
    Caro Mitch…tutto quello che hai fatto..e fai per Amy, per aver tenuto a far capire realmente chi era Amy..cosa ha vissuto..e cosa avete vissuto anche voi, la sua famiglia, è onorevole…continui a tenerla in vita…sei fantastico, Amy ed Alex sono stati fortunati ad avere un padre come te.

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  3. When i Heard this version of Body & Soul, I thought immediately of Billy Holiday. Her emotion and the way she slides in and out of the melody is just another proof of her pure talent.


    A french fan

  4. Dearest amy,
    Right now I’m blasting your music. Your voice grabs my soul and doesn’t let go. My 3 year old nephew dances to u, my other nephew 10 was talking to me about hearing u on the radio. My 13 and 4 year old nieces love u 2. I’ve shared your music with my partner who adores your voice and he has made his sister and brother in law love u too. Even his neighbor a 60 something year old farmer from Louisiana. A fan he was also brought to tears with your angelic voice. I know u are singing with all the angels and bringing. Jesus to tars with your voice. U will be missed dearly. Long live amy!

  5. Today, I’ve realized how much I miss Amy, and how wonderful she was. I love her music, how she sang, all her lyrics. She was a beautiful person, an Angel who came to bring us her music. FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS!

  6. Памяти A.W/

    На дне, во тьме, там где,
    Слишком холодно, чтоб обрести покой,
    На дне, во тьме, там где,
    Слишком тихо, чтоб слышен был голос твой.

    Так привычен обманчивый карнавал,
    То затишье, то аплодисментов шквал,
    Но средь масок уродливых и гримас
    Никому не узнать тебя в этот раз.

    Черный занавес поднят как белый флаг,
    Время тает когда сам себе стал враг,
    Пропасть жизни, где смерть протянула сеть
    Не получится больше преодолеть.

    Очнись, вернись, явись!
    Ветра диким порывом ворвись в окно!
    Ты то на дно, то в высь.
    Вспышки яркого света и вновь темно.

    Так задумчиво смотрит на мир луна,
    Мир, который привык что всегда пьяна,
    Безразличие – плата за твой успех?
    Или зрелищ желание гложет всех?

    Черный занавес поднят, на сцене тьма,
    В ожидании кто-то сойдет с ума,
    Только зря все акации и цветы,
    Не появишься больше на сцене ты.

    P.S: You’re always in my heart

  7. Amy sounds so upbeat and happy talking about her song w/ “Ton” it breaks my heart to watch this video but i just wanna say that for me amy winehouse’s music help me in the darkest days of my life. i will never forget her amazing voice, she could sing and touch u deep down w/ in ur soul. Forever a fan!

    Thank you Amy Winehouse for just being you! and sharing you heart-felt pain in the soul of your music with all of us. Forever in my heart – Rach

  8. hola! mi nombre es fernanda, espero y se encuentre mejor.
    yo en verdad amo a Amy porque ella es la mas grande cantante que halla existido, era unica, era especial, sus canciones llegaban y siguen llegando al corazon, es una voz que te hace sentir la cancion y hasta te dan ganas de llorar de escucharla de lo bella que es su musica y su voz.
    soy de Mexico y mi sueño siempre fue verla pero no se pudo me conformo con su legado de musica que dejo y sus fotos.
    tambien me gustaria preguntarle si aun hay ropa de ella, porque si es asi ahorrare para poder comprarlo.
    le mando un abrazo desde mexico y todo mi respeto hacia usted y le deseo lo mejor con la fundacion Amy, se que es un exito!


  9. Dear Mitch,

    Please gives us more of Amy´s music!!! Please I beg you!!

    I miss so much Amy, the music isn´t the same without her..

  10. Dear father of Amy!
    know everything you did to help AMY out of that life.
    Amy fans will also have in our hearts, we mourn with you.
    You are an exemplary father why we never forget Amy, we never forget you.
    Just tell you one thing……..

    Those who stood by Amy ,WERE NOT Amy friends, vast watch some videos and realize that those bastards were giving them drugs and drink as if it were part of the show….. they just wanted money and more money.

    Amy’s Dad, Mitch, your daughter is sitting to the right of God, singing melody and making God happy as we are and your dear daughter ..

    Nobody is perfect and God forgives us and cleanses us from all sins.
    Amy died clean and those who spoke BAD of her and that are still, God forgives them.

    From Helsinki, Finland

    Rest in peace my Amy

  11. amy amy amy you and your music sustained me like i cant explain…im on the done,been on it 10yrs,its more addictive than the gear.if u can detox instead do it,cos youll never get off the on 200mg and regret it so bad.I LUV U AMY AND ALWAYS WILL SIS XOX

  12. I did not know Amy, but I have seen her videos and in the first videos she made were excellent. In the Box is my favorite. Where can I get a copy of that cd or dvd? Amazon only has one left and it is $200. The song take the box shows her true spirit.

    I wish things had turned out for her–she is now another wonderful voice/talent silenced. No more concerts, videos or cds of new works…It truly is a loss. I watch her in the video “take the box”–I am thinking wow she is so beautiful and the setting is classy. It shows her true essence.

    kudos for the foundation in her name. God Bless Amy

  13. This is an amazin collab both have amazin vocals. Amy had so much talent, She is my FAVORITE singer in the world, i know up from above she is watching her loved ones and continuing making everybody happy with her beautiful voice and soul. xx

  14. Fu amore al primo ascolto e non la dimentichero’ mai.
    Io ho la stessa eta’ di suo padre e ho ascoltato nella mia vita sempre musica di qualita’ ma Amy mi ha fatto provare emozioni che nessun’altra interprete ha saputo darmi.
    Un vero peccato ed una grande perdita per tutti.
    Il duetto con Tony e’ un vero gioiello.
    Sempre nel mio cuore piccola Amy, R.I.P.





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  17. Amy is and always will be my fav Jazz Singer/artist Songwriter of these modern times.

    Amy’s talent shines through like a bright star in the music universe, she is a true musician, singing her pain, her love, her creative passion, her inspiration.

    Amy was not hiding through walls of hypocrisy and constructed business music material, she was herself, real as real was her incredible talent.
    She loved her family and friends, she did not fear the truth, the vibes of her soul are all in her music and that is what I will always celebrate, her music, her unique voice, her passion for words and notes and the absolute fantastic soul moving way she was delivering every piece, giving herself fully, unconditionally, exactly the same way she felt about love, she was a woman in love, and she was not scared to talk about it, singing the parts of those feelings that are not usually shared, and about sharing… Yes she was sharing like only a true artist ever does… No schemes, no tabu, no preconception, just the truth, what she had in her mind, heart and soul.

    Thank You Amy, Thank you! Your music will always be here with me, in the maze of my heart and soul, keeping me company in those rainy days and through the wonderful rays of sunshine… RIP Sweet Amy Angel, your talent will always and forever live through time and space!

  18. nossa nao passo apenas um dia sem ouvir seus sons querida seu show em Florianopolis estava maravilhoso, foi o melhor show da minha vida faltei o trabalho atravessei dois estados nossa conheci gente bacana e amizades que surgiram de uma busca pelo prazer o prazer de ouvir sua voz, simplismente perfeita. eu estava ali bem na frente aos seus pés.

  19. grande Amy hai cantato meravigliosamente… come faceva Billie…
    e come lei hai seguito la via della leggenda

  20. Je n’ai jamais ressenti une chose pareille pour aucune artiste, ta voix m’a touché au plus profond de mon âme et je me suis senti accompagné dans ma souffrance et mon mal-être… Je ressens pour toi Amy une sorte d’amour qui n’a rien à voir avec de l’amour familial ou amical, c’est une autre sorte d’amour, quelque chose de pur et de profond. Tu es une des plus grandes artistes de tout les temps, un immense génie, et j’ai tellement de mal à comprendre les gens qui parlent mal de toi, je ne comprend pas comment on peut être si aveugle face à une voix et un talent si immense. Je me suis fait tatouer ton nom derrière l’oreille droite, comme celui que tu as aimé, c’est une grande preuve d’amour et de respect que je te dédie entièrement. J’espère de tout cœur pouvoir venir te rendre hommage à Camden bientôt et déposer à tes pieds un bouquet de fleurs. Je t’aime très fort, repose en paix.

  21. Amy,nunca tive contato direto com esa creatura ,mais sinto uma energia positiva e um amor incosolavel!!! Mulher com alma de menina,garota com sonhos de mulher !!Para mim é assim que se resume Amy Jade Winehouse,eterna diva do jazz!O Brasil te ama muito!

  22. Their Voices Are Spine-chillin’… .. perfect .. Amy had fantatsic voice..
    A raw talent lost forever…

  23. She’s Such An Amazing, Beutiful And Lovely Person…. I Love Her In Such A Way I can’t Explain, It’s Mad I never Met Her But I Can Love Her Like This. She’s Funny, And Lovable And Real… There’s Not Many People Like Amy In This World… She’s All About Love, She Really Is And Always Will Be A Beautiful Person And I Appriciate The Short Time We Had her In This World

    <3 Amy Winehouse <3

  24. Que estilo,dueto perfeito, como vc era completa..Amy vc sempre serar a melhor cantora dos ultimos tempos, n quis agradar ninguem viveu sua vida como quis, te adimiro por isso tambem.

  25. Even in her darkest hour Amy maintained a genuine presence of humaness and unselfishness that the Perry’s, Gaga’s and Spears, those manufactured stars of her generation, could never attain no matter how riduculously they dressed, coloured their hair or electronically modified their voice.

    Amy was ageless, a timeless beauty and everyone who got what she was about as a person and a composer adored her completely. Her gift to the world was her realness, her vulnerablilty and her message. I truly miss what we will never have with end of her precious life but I will always completely appreciate what we do have of her for the rest of my life. ….and for all those pathetic creatures with their digusting commentary of her, well we all now know how many subhumans there are out there now. To quote Amy, ‘your all abunch of muggy c##ts’



  28. Amy looked absolutely gorgeous.. so so good to see she got herself back to her former self. WELL PROUD OF YA GIRL.!.xxx.

  29. I’m curious of the Winehouse Families reaction to the Carole King BBC interview that was done after Amy’s death where she insulted the singer for covering her work? Seeing as how Amy’s favorite song was “So far away” and was played at her funeral. Is there any resentment or bitterness towards Carole after expressing her backhanded sympathy saying, “That I’m very grateful that while she was alive she put her talents to recording a song I wrote….”

    I suppose it may not matter to some, but I’m very curious as to how they feel and also how they think Amy would have reacted had she known what Carole had to say, would she still be her idol? Would they still have played that song at the funeral?

    My parting shot at Carole, Amy did it better as she did with a lot of her cover songs.

  30. Amy kissed her Jewish Star necklace and pointed up to God – At that moment she was feeling so grateful and blessed to be singing with Tony and because her voice was sounding so fabulous! I can’t get enough of her talent, & I miss her so much!!

  31. una artista de verdad 🙂 siempre seras la voz 😉
    nos dejas algo simplemente maravilloso
    te amamos amy
    de: PERU

  32. I just LOVE this song !!! <3 Amy's voice is so BEAUTIFUL and the match betweet the two voices is PERFECT ! *_* Love you Amy. <3

  33. Breathless… Only Amy Winehouse and Billie Holiday to sing with their BODIES AND SOULS. Divine

  34. All in one second: wonder, pain and so many tears. Poor Amy, poor me. You without life, and me without you. I loved you so much, I thank you so much, I’ll never, never forget you. Have a good flight.

  35. Happy Birthday Amy!!! As long as your music plays you’re always with us. Thanks for another beautiful song. Rest in peace “Little Bird”.

    • yoro la partida de amy se fue una gran perona quese queria mucho el consuelo queme queda es que labolbere aber ya que ese fue mi deseo te queremos mucho amy winehouse por sienpre ypara sienpre

  36. Amy you are missed. You are a Shining Star whose time was cut short. I hope some good can come from all the pain you suffered. I pray you are at peace. Rest well Sweet Soul.

    What an incredible lyric. ‘October Song’ is my favourite of all hers. And at only 19, Amy saw a vision of her mirrored perfected self, liberated. For me this song oozes Amy’s inimitable wit and charm; musically, lyrically, psychologically it’s a perfect tapestry.

    A voice sublime beyond experience. Who else can saddle all genres of music and still carve out novelty – effortlessly.

    God she was unlucky with the booze. Most are. We have our work cut out. Thank you to her family for AFW. And the gorgeous songbird logo. October Song all over.

    Darling beautiful British Jewess — ‘age will not wither her’.


  38. Hard to put into words what your music meant to me and how greatly it affected me. A true gift you were to us all and gone way too soon. My deepest condolences to the Winehouse family.

  39. What a surprise to saw a bird in the home page ,I’m always call Amy Winehouse my Hummingbird I just look forever her talent because is the only singer touched my Soul for me that is a real connection. I will miss you , Amy Winehouse R I P

  40. I love her. Wonderful voice! Thank you for your talent. Wherever you are I’m sure you’re shining.

  41. just bought the duet single,amazing,I would also pay for the interview on this site ,Amy’s personality comes through very strong she is a rare talent and have had her music since I first heard songs from Frank and looking forward to ”when my eyes close” soon.
    god bless her family in this time of sorrow but her music will live and inspire forever and this charity in her name is a great legacy

  42. love love love you Amy so sad to see you go…praying you are at peace.& with the angels up above hope you have more music for us to enjoy…RIP…<3

  43. happy birthday, whenever your are, beautiful Amy. Your talent and your spirit is among us. Wonderful version.

  44. “I heard she sang a good song.
    I heard she had a style
    And so I stopped to listen
    For a little while.
    And there she was this young girl
    A stranger to my eyes.
    Strumming my pain with her fingers.




  45. Amy, la mejor cantante en mucho tiempo, su voz, su juventud, su amor estarán siempre entre nosotras y nosotros. Gracias Amy.

  46. His voice still enchanting to all Brazilian music lovers. His music comforts us and gives us the certainty that you are still alive in our hearts.


  47. How pointless are any words of mine after these past weeks? But let me try…..Wonderful, Beautiful Amy has gone, her image and incredible performances forever frozen in memories, recordings and videos. I love the enthusiasm she shows in this video, she obviously loved working with Tony. I will buy it of course but most of all I will remember her fondly and with love xXx

  48. Happy Birthday Amy! I am greeting you because in our hearts you are still very much alive and will always be alive. Representing your fans from The Philippines I wanna tell you that I will do my very best to help with your foundation. Your music goes on and on. Your star shining forever and will never be forgotten. I love and miss you! ~Lenny~

  49. Amy
    You are someone very special for all of us.
    I love you forever.
    Missed and miss you.
    I am brasilian and no matter were you are now, because your talent will stay here forever, and all your love is with us.
    thank you for everithing.

  50. como te veias de hermosa en ese video tan llena de vida de energia, amy ue dios te guarde aya en los cielos y te tengan en su santa gloria te echo de menos, descansa en paz te ama colombia

  51. I’m so sorry you had to leave us so soon my darling Amy. If heaven exists, I know you are there making music with my boy, who loved you too. Missing you both so terribly, love and blessings always, xoxoxo

  52. Amy, you were and still are, one of a kind! God knew your heart and strenght so He called you home!! May you rest in peace!!

  53. I couldn’t wait to purchase this mp3 this morning from Amazon, especially knowing that part of the proceeds would benefit the foundation. Amy was magic! Her impeccable phrasing, her voice like raw honey; she IS genius. One of my favorite song classics sung by two of my favorite people whom I adore is so important to cherish this recording. The way their voices intermingle; they were perfect for each other. No other voice has ever touched my soul like Amy’s and never will. A voice…a musical genius like this only comes along once in a lifetime. I just miss her so it truly hurts.

  54. siempre seras la mejor de todos los tiempos
    por ti se lo que es la musica y gracias poe ese regalo 😉
    nos vemos arriba

  55. I am a 73 year old guy who was blown away by Amy. I have had years on the radio as a music disk-jockey and I have lived through ( and played) Sinatra, Elvis and The Beatles. Amy had the magic! I will miss hearing new stuff from her.

  56. Amy was the biggest diva in our generation. Someone that wasn´t at all afraid to take risks. Her music will always be the soundtrack to our lives. She was a good soul, loved people, regardless of who they were. There isn´t a single day gone by that I don´t look up and think: she´s not there. Because she´s not going anywhere. Even when she finds peace to rest, her love and legacy will always be around, always be remembered. Amy made me laugh, made me worry, made me wait and made me sing. And, even though now she makes me cry, my heart will always smile when I hear her voice, anywhere I am.
    Love to You Amy, love to your family.

  57. Thank You for posting this video. It gives people a chance to see what I imagine was the real Amy. Her voice was like no others. I like the interview part where she shows a bit of her funny joking around side. You can also see the pure excitement that she felt about doing this project. I am also happy to see such a great foundation being put together to honor her memory. I send all my love to her family and friends that are suffering. HJ

  58. From Madrid, Spain. Amy, Happy Birthday. Amy, you will always be in my memory and in my heart. To you shipment a kiss to the sky alone for you. I LOVE YOU, AMY.

  59. happy birthday amyxx may you rest in peace….still can’t believe it, it hasn’t registered it’s just like a dream….

  60. Realmente una increible y maravillosa voz! Tanto talento y pasion junta.Feliz cumple Amy desde Argentina.

  61. Gracias por todo lo que nos has dado.
    Eres maravillosa.
    Te echaremos mucho de menos.
    I love you, darling.

  62. Desde Perú un saludo para todos los que queremos a Amy. Ella siempre estará en nuestros corazones. La extrañamos mucho 🙁


    I carry your heart with me By E E Cummings

    i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
    my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
    i go you go,my dear; and whatever is done
    by only me is your doing,my darling)
    i fear
    no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
    no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
    and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
    and whatever a sun will always sing is you

    here is the deepest secret nobody knows
    (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
    and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
    higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
    and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart
    i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

  64. AMY tu musica y tu historia realmente me conmueven..

    No tengo dudas del enorme talento que tenías q a mi criterio que nunca terminaste de explotar (capaz ni vos te dabas cuenta a veces me daba la sensacion..), ni tengo dudas de todo lo que luchaste por salir adelante..

    Me da mucha pena pensar que capaz no pudiste disfrutar (bien) de todo lo que habias logrado con tu trabajo..pero ahora que mas daa..

    Por suerte nos dejaste muy buena musica (muyyy buena) y, aunque no llegaste a pasar por aca, hay unos cuantos recitales inolvidables de tus mejores momentos.

    Espero que donde estes hayas conseguido algo de paz! y hoy te recordamos mas que nunca todos los que te apreciamos de verdad!


  65. See that there…that’s the Amy that was when she released ‘Frank’. Now tell me she wasn’t clean! She looks amazing in this video, and to me it proves she was getting herself back on track. RIP Amy love, your music saw me through some really hard times and I will be humming your songs until it’s my time to go. <3 to all the family. All the luck in the world to The Amy Winehouse Foundation.

  66. The song is so beautiful… Amy singing is so perfect.
    I’m a brasilian fan… and.. the only thing I wish to say right now is I miss her so much.
    I love Amy forever.

    Congratulations Mitch… the Amy Winehouse Foundation is the best you could have done.
    Amy must be happy… wherever she is. ♥

  67. You have awesome music…beautiful raw talent that isn’t all that common among today’s artists.

    Happy birthday Amy. We love and miss you so much. RIP

  68. Amy I’m sure you are well aware of how much you are missed and loved. Blessings to you sweet soul and how wonderful that today The Amy Winehouse Foundation is born…Your family is doing brilliant work in your name…”Body and Soul” is beautiful ♥

  69. NiceNiceNiceNice

    Marvellous Mitch!!!!!
    Your daughter is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Happy Birthday !
    You are greatly missed and I my heart goes out to The Winehouse Family.

    I have decided to visit London and pay respects.

    A great talent whom will be missed.

  71. wonderful!
    for me she is the best sing i´ve ever seen, love her voice, her improvisation, her truth, her ache.
    amy, i´ll always miss you… please release the third album
    with love from BRASIL

  72. Estavas tão bonita neste último vídeo.

    Com um aspecto tão bom, tão saudavél.

    Que grande perda 🙁


    You were so beautiful in that last video.
    With a look as good, so healthy.
    What a big loss: (

  73. Olá meu amor.
    Hoje estás de parabéns 🙂
    Espero que hoje haja uma grande festa onde quer que tu estejas !

    Tanta saudade meu amor <3


    Hello my love.
    Today you are to be congratulated:)
    I hope that today there is a big party wherever you are!

    I miss so much my love <3

  74. I’m an Italian girl and I will love Amy forever. Amy was an inspiration for my troubled heart: I would be like Amy one day. Amy is in Paradise now but her voice is singing now for all of us. I’ll pray for you Amy, Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  75. Amy, you were always brilliant. I’m glad I coud see it (and hear you) live here in Brazil. It was remarkable, unforgettable.You will always be singing in our lives. R.I.P.

  76. Happy Birthday Amy. You will be missed but not forgotten. I wish I could have gotten to know you but I will settle for the musical memories. ,, “The wind has taken you – you’re free finally at peace….”

  77. Your voice, my life…
    You´re the queen of the soul, you´re amazing, beautiful and you will always be the best!
    Happy birthday! ♥♥

  78. Amy sweet heart you are unforgettable, beautiful and UNIQUE. For me you still around us with your great talent, voice, truly person with a beautiful heart you are always in my mind. xxx HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY xxx

  79. Tonny-Bennett, es uno de mis artistas favoritos, cuando conoci a Amy, quede impresionado por su vocacion de artista; verlos juntos es un regalo para el mundo para la Inmortalidad, Escribo en Español, porque la musica es Universal, no conozco la traduccion de su letra, pero la pasión, el sonido vocal, la musica y la fuerza que poryectan ambos es suficiente para interpretar y comprender lo que dicen y lo que sienten. Gracias.

  80. Eu escuto Amy todos os dias, e sinto muito sua ida. A mensagem que fica pra mim, é de quem somos nós para julgar o próximo. Amy deixou seu talento em cada música. Desejo sorte e sucesso para sua família, seus pais e essa nova fundação.
    Paz a todos. Henrique Dias – Campo Grande – BRASIL.

  81. I miss you everyday and listen to you when im going out or making food, you are amazing and always will be x

  82. Amy you was such an inspiration for me and still cant believe you’re gone really cant just downloaded your single with tony and theres only one word for it “magical” happy birthday rip xxx

  83. But you’re so far away, doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore
    It would be so fine to see your face at my door
    Doesn’t help to know you’re so far away… :'(

    If I could only work this life out my way
    I’d rather spend in bein’ close to you…


  84. Why did you have to go, Amy?… We’ll always keep the best memories of you. You’ll always be remembered! Rest in Peace.

    Mitch and family, be strong! What you are doing is wonderful! If only Amy could see it…

    Best regards from Brazil!

  85. I can’t believe she is gone words can’t express how I feel, her music
    a far fetch from what I normally listen to but she grew on me buying both Frank & Back to Black I DO NOT REGRET IT! Her voice was AMAZING!
    After listening to her music the 1st time I came to realize my life is almost like hers minus the drugs I could relate to her alot in everything she had to say. I have no remorse nor tolerance for Drug addicts but Amy was different not looking at her faults she really was a Beautiful person her death will bother me for a long time & I have not been able to listen to music since her passing but I know in due time I will over come this as she was a part of my soul Amy I loved you so much R.I.P & I will donate asap. Tracey USA

  86. ♥ Amy Was My Soul ♥ Stay Strong JANIS ♥ Stay Strong MITCH ♥ RIP Beautiful ANGEL ♥ My Soul Is Your’s ♥

  87. Love you Amy, My musical soulmate, ill never forget you, youve played a huge part in my life, miss you more everyday, goodbye x

  88. I loved the idea of creating a foundation in honor of Amy. She certainly touched our souls with her music. We will always be grateful to her! The best singer of the world!
    The candles were extinguished but the flame will always remain in our hearts access.
    Rest in peace, Amy…

  89. Amy…the queen of my heart and my soul…the owner of my life,she is my sweet angel forever…she knew me,she saw my two tattoos that I have of her…i love she always….until we meet someday …in the sky…she is my star,every night i see her in the sky….

  90. Favorite bottle in hand you always adore,
    Hunched over your picture on kitchen floor.
    Felt entitled to know you better,
    When everything you had to give was already on record.
    You really never knew all of real loves joys,
    Should have been you and not those lady boys.

    I’m looking for somewhere to point the finger,
    Stand at your door just to cry and linger.
    Goodbye my soulful singer.

    Maybe rehab could have solved your drug loved tiffs,
    All that’s left is your raspiness over guitar riffs.
    I picture you up there with Nan,
    Singing duets and living it grand.
    No longer chasing magic dragons,
    You see them down here jumping on your bandwagon.

    I’m looking for somewhere to point the finger,
    Stand at your door just to cry and linger.
    Goodbye my soulful singer

    I wish I could have been stronger for you,
    Could die of regret, but you have to want to change too.
    I miss your raven locks and your retro frocks,
    Hazel eyes and Camden tongue, 7/23 3:54 forever on calendar and clocks.

    I’m wondering now what to do, now I know this is the end
    As long as your music plays you’re always with me my friend.
    It’s more than the music; you can never be replicated,
    Rest in peace our Amy Jaded.

  91. AMY: Iconoclastic Titanic
    Amy was like the Titanic, grandiose in style, beauty, and one of a kind. But she was on a steady course to hit her iceberg and sink to the bottom. We all hoped she wouldn’t hit that iceberg, but knew in our hearts that “over futile odds,” sooner, more than later it was inevitable that if she stayed on her “troubled track” that she would crash and take everything magical about her down with her. It is strange, now that she is gone, I cannot ever imagine her a day older than her short life of twenty-seven.
    I am fifty-five, a mother; I’ve been through three divorces, countless boyfriends and lovers and I’m not necessarily proud of the countless part. When Amy died, a place in my soul was punched as if a family member had died and “I died a hundred times.” I had a tremendous broken heart. All of Amy’s songs sang my life. I wonder if within her youth and soulful wisdom, she had any idea of how broad her audience was; if she knew of how her songs spoke and connected retrospect to the seasoned lives of older women, our emotional upheavals, our desperate loves. F-Me Pumps, Take The Box, You Sent Me Flying, Back to Black—-been there, done that.
    Drugs were more than abundant in South Florida when I was her age and I drugged and drank too many times and would often just wake up in the morning in my car in some parking lot. In my twenties I would do ANYTHING for Cocaine, and I know how the Cocaine devil can speak to you and demand to be fed, and that was just Cocaine; Crack and Ecstasy was not around then. I cannot imagine what I would have become with an endless supply of money to buy all the drugs I wanted.
    When I bought “Back to Black” I listened to it for three months straight. The words were “brutally honest, seizing my gut” and captured the truths that made me “so ****ing angry” about so many of my failed relationships and infidelities. Then when I bought Frank, the same thing; I couldn’t stop listening, hearing her breathing life into the words of the songs she sang that were the legacy of my life. She took words and manipulated them into magical transportations of time, scratching deep reverberations down into my soul, getting under my skin; causing me sometimes not to want to think of the heartfelt mistakes I made and the loss of self-esteem that I lost by my “crying on the kitchen floor.” I was patiently waiting for her next album, addicted by the need to soothe my heart and conscience but not knowing how to put it into words: I wanted more Amy. AMY WAS MY DRUG.
    Since her death I bought some Amy tee-shirts which I have worn and received an amazing amount of comments about her untimely death. But, the biggest surprise is the amount of comments from women my age. These women speak to me, echoing the sentiments of what a loss she was and how she sang their lives, too.
    After seeing her horrendous concert in Serbia, where she was hugging herself and looked so lost and sad, I suspect she just couldn’t go on with the demands of fame, the disappointments to herself and others, and the unrelenting hatefulness of the paparazzi. Recently, there was a picture in a magazine of Amy and Tony Bennett promoting their duet, but the caption read something like “I left my drugs in San Francisco.” The press would never miss if they could take a shot at her addiction—at her disease. I think she just didn’t want to sing anymore; it wasn’t fun and she was tired of being a machine that had to keep churning out the same thing over and over again. The drinking and the drugs softened the hard edges of the music business she found herself in. I think sometimes she just wanted to lie down and die.
    Amy said, “I didn’t think it was special to be able to sing.” She didn’t just sing; she had an irrefutable, individual genius talent. She had just the right amount of ability to take her voice and lyrics deep into a twisted splintering groove in our brain and soul. Her voice was both a place filled with power and with pain. She demanded, ripped, and lacerated our hearts and would then turn around and make us amused. She was extraordinary in every sense of the word. For Amy: Your memories mar my mind and this ache in my heart will take a lifetime for my tears to dry on their own.
    SL Kandy, Miami, FL

    • wow that is amazing took my words straight of my mouth you said it all and everything is so true, it brought tears to my eyes reading that

    • I too am in your age demographic. Your words are brilliant and YOU have written some brilliant thoughts yourself. I may not have experienced the same things in life, but you so hit the nail on the head when you write, ‘she took words and manipulated them into magical transportations of time”. I had often wondered if she knew just how far and wide her audience went with the age demographic. To be able to appeal to people of all ages speaks volumes; she didn’t just have one demographic of followers. That was truly amazing and few musicians can do that. Thank you for your words.

    • I couldn’t have said it better in my own head. For once, a nice comment. Amy would be so proud of her dad’s efforts. I wish i had parents like that. Hopefully soon, they can release some of her music that she’s recorded since Back 2 Black. I am so so so upset we won’t hear her voice and genius talent anymore. I liked amy for the way she could make ANY song her own. Now that is just pure genius. There will be only one amy. Miss you already babe xxx

    • Dear SL Candy, I am 28, a California native who just wrote wrote a ramblin’, lengthy email to a response posted by a struggling mother- almost a month after you posted this. That was my first time “posting” anything whatsoever online. As a USC catalogue year ’99 college entrant, I never joined the Facebook, back when it was college-only, and all the rage, or any of that. So, I guess that is my way of saying, hell yes! You are so right. I love hearing that Amy’s music is and has been felt and appreciated so deeply by a variety of people, who differ only in the illusory-premium we place upon those observable differences between us, which lack even a modicum of the substance we would find if we looked instead to all that which unobservably binds us. My father first acused me of being an “old-soul” when I was delivered, apparently, and it is a charge which has followed me since;) I loved your words. My amateur attempt to ode lost musical giants, peppering and weaving quoted segments of their work throughout, was attempted poorly by me after Tupac died. You succeeded is what you said of Amy. Well played Lady, well played!

  92. What I’ve seen and heard of this duet so far is nothing short of amazing. It’s frustrating too. To know she still had that in her.. I am grateful for this last song. As a huge admirer of Amy’s, I’m happy that this sort of vindicates her to those who thought she was all done. Here in the USA her life was like an underground reality television show, but better because what you were seeing was so real and because I followed her .. you could see that she was really was off the hard drugs. Her music was so special.. really different, really not made in a pop shop. It was modern and artistic and raw and honest. We are robbed of her future works and that is just heartbreaking. I followed her life and got to see her sing once at Bestival in 2008 and it was an incredible night. I didn’t know her but she shared her life with us and I love her . My heart goes out to her family.

    • …well said…..I feel your pain and longing for her voice. She was too vulnerable for this world….

  93. Amy Winehouse was so wonderful her talent was so strong. In my 32 years Amy Winehouse was the only artist that ever touched my soul. I cant wait to purchase this last track. Rest in Peace Amy

  94. What a wonderful gift I can’t wait. When I heard Amy died I was so terribly sad for her, she spoke to me musically in way that was so personal. I could escape to my car and listen to Amy and feel someone else felt this way too, she captured my heart. I believe she is right there sitting with her family a little black butterfly indeed.

  95. THE BEST… AMY !!!!

    MY AMY…

    • Oh wow how amazing. How in awe did she look singin with her hero,like she cudnt actually believe she was there. She deserved 2 be there amongst an icon,ashe is one 2,wish she’d hav believed how amazin she was,as we all know. RIP Amy,we will never forget you,n the work your lovely family doin will help others n that r afflicted with the same illness that many suffer u.xx

    • It’s great to see Mitch putting this effort into the Foundation. Amy would be very proud, as I’m sure she is.

    • just keep watchin Amy on The Hootanany with Paul Weller,so makes me sad 2 c the raw talent of 1 so young. It hits me in the gut that she died when she was doin so well. My mum also decided the time was right after 25yr addiction that she didnt wnt 2 waste another minute n be there 4 her grandkids. She’d been thru rehab a number of times n it worked 4 a while,but the lonliness set in and her friends were all social drinkers but she cudnt socially drink,it would set her off on a binge,bein a tiny woman didnt take alot. When she decided the timw was right,with Librium from the doc’s she tried,but started 2 fit after few days,she fell n hit her back which further damaged her liver,she was treated awfully by staff at the hospital like a 2nd class citizen coz she was an addict,we had 2 b there 2 feed her,clean her. She died in agonising pain a week off her 52nd birthday. I’m so thankfull the Winehouse family ahve set up this foundation,2 make ppl aware n help them n also make aware that funding is desperately needed. Amy was sent 2 this world 4 a reason,2 make magical music n in her sad tragic death help others. U r and always will be remembered Amy 4 the person u were,talented,beautifull,honest,vibrant and a little flawed like the rest of us,thats why we loved u n felt ur pain, RIP Angel Amy always look over

      • Firstly, i am so sorry to read about your mum. You must miss her so. My situation is very similiar to hers. I am 35 with 2 lovely boys. Everyone tells me i do really good. For the last 13 years, like amy, i have been addicted. Firstly cannabis, then alcholol, then coke, then heroin and now alcohol again. I have been on methadone, librium etc etc but just cant kick the booze. I am currently on a litre a day at least and can hide it quite well. I do not want to die. Do you have any advice, i cannot ask for help this time because of my children as i am on my own with them now. With heroin i could see a way out but can’t with the booze and i just don’t know how it feels to be ‘normal’ anymore ;(

        • Hi Jennie,so sorry u are suffering this horrible addiction. You cant just stop on your own u do need help n advice but know its hard when different agencies get involved and judge u. Try slowly 2 wean urself off dont do it in 1 go,try 2 set a weaning date that ur geared up 4,try 2 have that 1st drink an hour later and smaller measure everytime mum would buy her supply 4 the day and if any left she started 2 throw away at the end of the night, i know written down it looks easy n i know its not its so hard,this isnt like givin up smokin that u find somethin else 2 do with ur hands,but it is about slowly comin off,if only there were patches like nicotine. U also need a friend n good support network so u can call n talk thru the feelins u havin bout havin that 1st drink of the day even if u do hav 1 later that’ll be 1 hour less time 2 drink. I know bout hidin it well friends n family wudnt believe us that mum had a problem n when they did was 2 late. We could tell when mum had even 1 sly drink her mannerisms all changed coz she felt guilty then she would binge. Never feel guilt this is an addicton not a choice,if u need a friend 2 help u thru let me know. You have so much 2 live 4 and u sound like u hav made that 1st step on the road 2 recovery dnt giv up u’ll get there,it’ll be hard n with all roads thier bumpy with time u’ll glide over them bumps. Ur kids will be proud but mostly u’ll be proud of urself. One day at a time. Love 2 u.xx

        • Jennie. You should be proud that you have the courage and clarity through all your challenges to see and admit that you need help. Any substance someone uses to interrupt their normal thought process just to get through the day reflects something missing or out-of-tune deep inside (of them). I would never offer medical advice: as to mix any benzodiazepene-family drug with ALCOHOL, specifically, is very dangerous. If you are physically addicted to drink in a way that means you suffer withdrawal symptoms (physical shakiness or sweats or other symptoms which can, in extreme cases, include seizure), to stop drinking “cold-turkey” is hard because it does not allow the body time to adjust to the absence of a substance (alcohol) that it adapted and grew very used to processing and having present. I say all that because benzodiazepene drugs like valium, xanax, or Librium can be used in FULL STEAD of ANY alcohol to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal over a few days to keep them from becoming too physically uncomfortable or medically dangerous. I AM NOT A DOCTOR, by the way. I am someone who does basically know what I’m talking about but more importantly cares and wants to understand and support you. My best action-oriented advice, given it really would be a mistake to risk all you have by experimenting on self-prescription without professional medical guidance in the way of weaning yourself using a different drug (than alcohol), would be to try acupuncture. I am from the US, and your comment sounded like it came from a Brit like “me dad” 😉 , so I don’t know how available it is there or whether the laws are different in the UK regarding acupuncturists or of many of the other differences which might make that an unviable option for you. I recommend acupuncture because it is effective, holistic, and in the US, is recognized in a limited way by some insurance companies for things that are pain-oriented, but it is not subject to the reporting and recording requirements that you might be fearing will affect your ability to care for your boys if you are honest with a western doctor. I will clarify for you a few things that may seem obvious or be known to you, but are important to make sure you know, so you can fully make the best decision for yourself.
          Acupuncture needles rarely hurt and are not dangerous (they don’t go all the way into your body and are so extremely fine, that they don’t damage your tissue virtually any way you put them) (Also: as I have only ever been a patient I can’t claim something as universal, but I think it is reassuring to know that, in my experience, an acupuncurist pops the needle in using a tiny tube to guide it’s depth. Imagine a teeny tiny clear tube that was a bit shorter than the needle, they put the needle inside, sit the tube where they will place the needle, and swiftly but gently tap the needle down, so that it goes in about as far as the tube is shorter than the needle). The needle slips, most often, into the skin almost like a needle through fabric. Sometimes you can’t even feel them go in, and they don’t hurt while they are in, in any way like having a regular shot or having blood drawn. Some acupuncturists will “tap” your skin lightly, right next to where they are putting in the needle, to make it impossible to feel whatever prick may accompany inserting the needle. Sometimes you may distinctly feel something after the needle(s) are in, but most often it is like a very mild version of the kind of felling you get after hitting the funny bone in your elbow. That is to say, sometimes you can feel the treatment working, and it can be strange, but don’t mistakenly maintain the idea of acupuncture involving needles as you would normally think of them. That may be to much info, but I am someone who’s first fear in live was, and to some degree still is, needles:)
          Secondly, the whole “holistic” bit: I am using the term holistic to mean: involving and addressing wellness and the person as a complex and total package. In my view (as a proud westerner by birth and ongoing choice) western medicine treats illness as symptoms, and therefore it tends to defines wellness as an absence of symptoms. Eastern medicine tends to address the cause of symptoms, and therefore tries to achieve a definition of wellness that means a complete and thorough absence of illness and its causes. In other words, sometimes all the complicated shit we try to take on bit-by-bit is really just better handled from the core out, rather than from the outside-in.

          Alcohol is robbing you of your choice. Try not to see the daunting road ahead of you all at once. Our emotions are so complex that you don’t need to mix in legitimate fears and feelings of being overwhelmed by the prospect of quitting drinking with the still-difficult, but manageable, steps you CAN take on the path to a more whole you.

          Try to boil down what fulfills and drives you in a positive way so that you can identify what kind of thing makes you truly happy. I could snap my fingers and free you of your addiction, and you would still be left with the emptiness that you used substances to falsely fill in the first place. So focus on all the positive things you want to replace drinking with,; make them up if need be! Ignore the fact that you have probably never seen what it is like to be contented by life as an adult without being somewhat assisted by chemicals, if that is the case. That is the leap of faith you must take; imagining a reality that you have yet to enjoy is really challenging, but a better life for you is out there. You can live each minute comfortably and find satisfaction in new ways you never dreamed possible. You don’t have to be able to see the way out to believe and know that there is one.
          Sorry for the long comment. This is my first time ever writing a post of any kind, so forgive me for going on and on…
          I really loved Amy’s music and person. We will all miss her. But I’ve no doubt she would agree and tell you if she could, that your life is just as important as hers. And your life can still be saved. I have immense love and support for you, a stranger to me only in that we have never knowingly met, but a sister to me in your humanity, which is far greater. This may be silly well-intended drivel, but any support you need is out there. I am happy to reply should you like (I’ve never been on the Facebook, so email would be it for me), otherwise AA meetings, from what I gather, are pretty easy to find and would probably have an endless supply of people who could help you much better than I can hope to. Doctors are in no way exempt from the challenges in life and absence in soul that cause people to fight alcoholism. I’m sure there are may people who would respect the privacy of AA groups with professional and personal capabilities I cannot claim, who would openly welcome you and give you better and more personalized advice.
          My thoughts are with you. Don’t beat yourself up. You cannot change the past, and regret is a wasted emotion. Take comfort in the fact that you don’t know what is possible. That is a good thing. And your future will be better if you believe and put your energy toward being open to the positive rather that devoting it to feeding all of the very-real negatives you might let uselessly spool through your mind. I will you the power to be in charge of your life, and I hope with all my might that it is a beautiful one for you and your boys.
          Cheers (of fully aware, and unaffected joy)

        • hope you come on here soon Jennie,bin worried bout u. Believe in yourself dont give up dont give in.xx

        • Jennie
          Why don’t you try AA – there are meetings in every town full of sufferers just like yourself. I have been myself when I could not see myself ever stopping drinking ever and now I have been sober for over 5 years. The people there are kind and understanding and you will find people just like yourself. All you need to do is turn up. It is a great journey to sobriety with the help of others and a network of support. It is possible. Good luck to you.

    • I am so sad right now that Amy is gone.If I had a wish that could come true it would be to have her back alive right now. The song she did with Tony Bennet is epic!! Its so SOUL and it brought tears to my eyes. His voice is gritty and hers is so moving.I wrote a song when she died called “Amy dont go”.I need to set it to music soon before it loses momentum.She is a great loss to us fans and to the music business in general.God Rest her Soul.Loved and Missed by all.xxxx

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