Amy – My Daughter Available To Buy Now

Amy My Daughter - Mitch Winehouse

‘Amy, My Daughter’, the official biography of Amy is now available in the UK:

Documenting Amy’s earlier years, her rise to stardom and her struggles with addiction, the book will bring together the personal, the private and the public to create a fitting tribute and celebration of her life.

Written by Mitch Winehouse, all author proceeds from every copy sold will be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, the charity set up in her name.



145 thoughts on “Amy – My Daughter Available To Buy Now

  1. Acabei de ler todo o livro e estou muito triste por tudo que nossa querida amy passou mas ao mesmo tempo estou mais ainda fanáticos por ela. Eu amo sua voz, suas músicas, seu estilo único. Tenho todos os seus cds e dvds. Eu te amo amy você mora no meu coração para sempre. Minha diva

  2. Mr. Mitch the amy`s latin fans wants and need the latin version about: ‘Amy, My Daughter’, the official biography. please¡¡¡

  3. cudowna, niesamowita ksiazka! przeczytalam ja w kilka dni, teraz zamerzam kupic w oryginalnej wersji jak i rowniez w holenderskiej- jesli ów znajde!


  5. It would be a good idea that the book came to America Latina, in english and in spanish also, it could be an enormous help for Amy’s foundation. Where I live, in Argentina, she was loved a lot, and we still doing.

  6. It deposits the text that you want to correct aquí.estoy super proudly of credit known to a great artist as amy I had liked credit known to this great artist in this country I listen to her whenever I have problems the only thing that I want that the book comes to my country chili …. I do not have the opportunity to have a lot of money to take part of a work as big as it is this that I take his excess of drugs there is this great artist to his death uniko that doi support and if I have some opportunity to know England and amy’s foundation I am going to do it and cordial regards from chili Matias Ignacio toast all his relatives maldonado …. I wait ojalas for response ¡

  7. hola, bueno yo fui una admiradora de amy y lo sigo siendo, que bueno que hicieron una fundacion para personas con problemas de drogas, que pena que ella haya muerto, pero nos dejo su hermosa musica, por siempre seras la princesa de soul, que descanses en paz amy…chaooo

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  9. esperemos y se publique en español ella es un ejemplo de muchas vidad que podemos ayudar y para mi es una super INSPIRACION forever AW

  10. <3 I love you Amy, you live in my heart, you give me strength and when I sing your songs I connect with your beautiful soul of diamond. I can feel your sorrow as well as your love, profound and pure. The first time I saw you I felt we were tween soulsn I had a big émotion. When I learned you left a part of you started living in me opening up spiritual ways and possibilities in my life, got many signs of your goodness big hearted girl. Your beauty is beyond the physical you left giving it all, that's all it counts. All sensitif souls apreciate it. When I sing your songs I get the feeling it is you who sings in me. I love you sister, for ever.!
    I will read this book of your dad that loved so much for sure! This fondation is a light of your life giding those who suffer as much as you did! Love in this Earth can be a loosing game, I know it, I went through all that, but in the Eternal lands you'll have as much as you need. The love of all of us, your family, friends, admirers of your beautiful music and celestial beings! There you winned! You are always on my side, I thank you for that, angel! God bless you all<3

  11. miss you sooo much amy !! i am happy to know that your father has written this book on your behalf. i just love all you music…my best song is halftime ;( I DEDICATED THAT SONG TO MY 27YR OLD DAUGHTER! HER DAUGHTERS NAME IS AMY AS WELL…YOUR OCTOBER SONG HAS BEEN DEDICATED TO HER. SHE WAS BORN IN OCTOBER 2005. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HEAVEN SENT VOICE & SING YOU HEART OUT IN HEAVEN! RIP…ALICE MARTINEZ


  13. Amy, I always will remember you, you are still part of my heart.See you later my sweetie, listening your music and your voice, your “Argie” Fan,….Gonzalo from Buenos Aires,Argentina

  14. I love you Amy ,I didn’t be so lucky to meet you, but ,I’m sure you was an amazing person ,your voice was fantastic, was the best of the best ,I can say all the good words we have in the vocabulary but still will be not enough for how good & amazing you was !!! We miss you lovely Amy & the music world will miss you more ,I wish you didn’t suffer much in your life & I really wish you are well now surrounded with angel ,then at list only good people around you NOW !!! Ciao Bella xxx

  15. Porfavor publicar este libro en español! tendria mucha fama ya que jo almenos me lo compraria y muchissima gentee !!! GRACIIAAS!!!!!!!!

  16. We love you Amy. Forever in our hearts and you are the brightest star.
    Now you are the inspiration for the amazing work your Foundation is doing to help others.

  17. Can’t wait to read the book. Everyone should donate to the AWF, not sure why the example above gives £20 as an option because the maximum you can donate in one text is £10?? Anyway miss you Amy, you will always be my no1


  19. Estariamos encantados de tener una version en español! 😀

    Amy siempre estara en nuestros corazones, aunque no este presente su musica la mantiene de alguna mannera en nuestro mundo.

    Murio muy joven, siempre he pensado que seria mejor si fuese yo en su lugar, asi no habrian tantos corazones tristes, perotenemos que recordarla asi como era des del principio, alegre, sana y conmucho talento. :’)

    Foverer, she’ll be with us!

  20. I lost a daughter who was a 14 year old prayer warrior. The Winehouses lost a daughter with the voice a a cherubim singing worship around the throne. May the God of all comfort, comfort all family and friends of lovely Ms. Winehouse.

  21. she was always gonna be gone no parents to help her keep making money such a waste of talent dont try to make money off her now too late

  22. I grew up listening to your music, you were my childhood and still are a huge influence of my whole life. I remember when I discovered your first album, I was 8. From then on, my life changed completely. Now I’m 17, and there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t listened to your music. To be honest, I don’t even feel like you are not with us anymore, it just feels like you’re on a long vacation or something. You are alive in my heart, and that’s all that matters. I love you, always have, always will.
    Mitch, thanks a lot. I really appreciate everything you’re doing.
    -Lera, from Russia with love

  23. My treasures i love amy jade, i cant wait to read the book,…i want the version of Amy´s Book in Spanish

  24. We Will Always Love You .You Are Living In Our Hearts.
    You Didn’t Left Our Hearts
    Its Sad To See a Star Fall,But I Will Always Remember Her Thrus Her music That Touch My Heart And Kept Me goin As A Women . I love You & I Miss You! <3

  25. We Will Always Love You .You Are Living In Our Hearts.
    You Didn’t Left Our Hearts
    Its Sad To See a Star Fall,But I Will Always Remember Her Thrus Her music That Touch My Heart And Kept Me goin As A Women . I love You & I Miss You! <3

  26. Great to see the Foundation up and doing well. Amy must be well pleased. God bless her Family for all they have done.

  27. Por favor!! queremos la version del libro en Epañol”””
    Pleaseee,…we want the version of Amy´s Book in Spanish !!!

  28. Amy Winehouse’s words and music just permeated my soul. I have been crushed, like many who were so in love with her. Shortly before her death, I was diagnosed with a rare brain disease and given about one year to live. I wake up, put my Amy CD’s on and somedays i am jubilent, and others just so sad for her life as well as her death. I always wanted to see where she lived and always prayed she would perform here in the US. When i read the news, i started banging my fists into the wall. This is a monumental loss for most. Then, it occurred to me the other day that i will see HER in heaven. That’s where all the angels go!!!

    Amy was a beautiful, delicate flower and brutally honest…just like me ha ha
    See you on the other side Amy………i literally cannot wait!!!!!!!!

    Mitch you are a great man and a great singer!!! I admire you because you are a very fair man. You didn’t blame anyone for her downfall. You know, some of us are born too sensitive for
    this life. I am one of those and i believe it was the same for amy. We “sensitives” aren’t capable of blocking things out or letting something “go.” Life feels like torture to us at times and i am sure she is at peace. She is the first person i am going to look for when i get there!! (sorry Gram!!!) lol

    People need to re-learn kindness, understanding and compassion. PEOPLE BE KIND.

  29. Its so hard to look at her sweet face and know she is no longer with us. And we will never be blessed with her new songs. I am still heart broken over this. I loved her .. her music was and her voice will never be forgotten. I am so glad I found this web site. Thank you and Amy,, I know you are singing with the angels in God’s great light white. Love you forever dear girl..

  30. A primeira tradução em português, cá no Porto em Portugal, serei o primeiro a compra-la!
    Amy forever!

  31. México espera la traduccion del libro en castellano, realmente se le extraña, esperamos mucho su nuevo disco, llego sin ella pero su voz seguirá viva por mucho tiempo!!!

  32. Amy you are our sunshine and you are our star on the sky.You didn’t left our hearts.
    We will always love you .You are living in our hearts.
    I can ‘t not wait to read this book.Please, do the books in many different languages ​​translation.

  33. amy because you’re gone. now a star shining in the sky … are you amy . do not you ever forget goodbye



  35. Amy, día con día sigues brillando. Una estrella como tú nunca dejará de brillar.
    Te extraño y te quiero mucho, todo mi cariño.

  36. I can`t live without you amy! I miss you so much. please come back, i need you!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  37. AMY is the angel more good of the world ,with you songs ,and you life ……forever AMY ………YOU FRIEND PATTYG …

    • mind your judgements. Unless you know what is it like to walk in another man’s shoes -which you don’t. Perhaps this is his way of coping with the grieving – a process which I imagine would have been very hard for him to do, and perhaps many things and “ALL” proceeds go to the foundation – do you really think Mr. Winehouse and his family need your faul comments after all they’ve been through? God Bless Amy Winehouse – I still cannot believe the beautiful darling is no longer with us. First time I have grieved for a celebrity – someone which I have not met and known – but was quite obsessed about. I loved her.

      • me to i really cried when I heard the news ad have never done this before I used to live in north london near to where amy grew up and for me she just emulated the london scene i grew up in , Being 54 years old now every time i hear amy sing i feel back at 16, -18 and dance and sing as I did back then may God bless amys family and I thank them for her x x x

    • If you knew how to read you would have seen the words “ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO THE CHARITY SET UP TO HELP CHILDREN.” you are truly an idiot.

  38. Podemos compartir sus sentimientos a traves de sus canciones. Estaria bueno que traduzcan esta pagina para los latinos que la amamos…. soy una ama de casa de pocos recursos de Argentina pero con buen gusto…y me gustaria compartir todo lo que esta pagina contiene. Gracias por aceptarme como amiga de la fumdacion. quiza por ahora no podre colaborar, salvando el tema del idioma me seria posible compartirlo y difundirlo. Un abrazo

  39. I never met Amy but always felt that maybe one day, by chance, it would or could happen. I still find it hard to believe that Amy is gone. I go to the CD aisle and look for new releases or tap online and come to the realization that Amy has been lost to the ages. I hope her music will live on like the Carpenters and the Mama & Papas. So much talent so little time. We miss you!


  41. Me gustaría tener este libro de la gran y única Amy Winehouse, con esa voz maravillosa y potente donde expresaba todos sus sentimientos y que te hacia parte de ellos. La única que expresa totalmente sus sentimientos a través de sus canciones.



    MARAVILHOSA, RESPLANDECENTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Its sad to see a star fall,but I will always remember her thru her music that touch my heart and kept me goin as a u n for ever miss u!

    • Por favor comparto el comentario de que esperamos que se traduzca la pagina al español para ser parte tambien.Y el libro me muero por leerlo!!.Por favor que se publique en español!!

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